Friend has the sad???!!??!!!!!


I’m coming friend I’ll save you from the sad!!


I am here now you’re going to be okay!!!


You are so beautiful and i love you!!!


Guardian - Awoken - Hunter

Quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade..

Constants and variables

"Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties."

don’t go in there, young man. you can hurt yourself in the dark.

he’s a stranger to some
and a vision to none


Hope Kroll born 1968 is a collage artist from Paso Robles, CA.

I use antique books as my main source material and for the past seven years, I have devoted myself to the technique of cut-paper collage. 

In these works, either the book covers themselves, or the antique blank paper found in old books serve as the ‘canvas’ upon which I assemble the intricately cut-out images.

Culled from a wide range of sources, my visual lexicon is composed of diverse images gleaned from old encyclopedias, medical texts, children’s books, popular science, technical manuals, paper dolls and antique photographs to name a few.

Because of the high quality of the color plates and lithography found in the actual printings, I prefer to use original found materials. Copied or scanned images cannot come close to the originals in terms of overall visual impact.

The aged paper offers a beautiful natural patina and a muted palette I find particularly attractive. I feel that these older books and photographs are especially compelling as they each possess their own unique history, having passed through many hands before coming into my possession.

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